Khwarizmi Lite

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Product Description

Khwarizmi Lite

Target group

This targeting businessmen who have a version of several projects or several companies or several shops or small businesses .., and they want their own accounts management of the basic features of this version as multiple companies, multiple currencies, and multiple warehouses.
This Version for Drs _Engineers-Consulting Office-Pharmacists-Shops Keeper-And any kind of small business
The edition contains only one company and a single currency and a single repository and is used to manage a single project


General Features
  • Easy to use can learn it in two hours
  • Great flexibility in changing the form of material evidence and the evidence of accounts and form printing reports
  • Speedy reports showing the financial situation of the company at any moment
  • It supports dealing with customers and suppliers and gives comprehensive reports give a quick balances suppliers and customers and a statement of account
  • Complete management of inventory from buying, selling, inventory, transportation, inventory and other goods.
  • Organize the work of car distribution of goods
  • Production control and aware of the quantities of raw materials and products
  • Adjust the cost of materials resulting
  • Adjust checks

Khwarizmi Lite Features

  • Basic Accounting System (Journal – tree accounts – an account statement – a class statement of account – the balance of a review – profit and loss – of the general budget – restrictions Search ..)
  • Warehouse system essential (guide materials – buying and selling bills – Review of bills – the movement of material – warehouse inventory – search for material ..)
  • Network system works on multiple devices and device server
  • Open source Firebird databases operate according to the principle of SQLServer
  • Multi-user with the possibility of distribution of powers to the users accurate and very detailed way
  • Backed up to the service and retrieve the copies with the possibility of holding a variety Aigrs linked with computer
  • Reform of the mechanism for data service in the event of any defect
  • Online update service for another copy an executable file
  • The possibility of changing the base currency to any currency but the program with only one currency
  • An unspecified number of kinds of prices for materials in the warehouse (sale price – the price of the cost – the price of inter – half the price of inter – price Junction …)
  • An undetermined number of quantities (pieces – pill – a kilo – tons – of Shawwal – tray – bag …)
  • The possibility of dealing with the account in more than one way (by name – by number – through a combination of both)
  • The possibility of capping the expense
  • A powerful mechanism for calculating depreciation is to
  • Recycle bills with the possibility of recovery and the possibility of knowledge of the user who deleted the name and date of the deletion
  • Restrictions Cemetery with the possibility of recovery and the possibility of knowledge of the user who deleted the name and date of the deletion
  • A variety of accounting reports (accounts revealed a group – a diagram of the movement of financial account – detecting gains and losses and the budget – revealed trial balance …)
  • Inventory reports (warehouse) Miscellaneous (movement of material – warehouse inventory – stagnant materials – most materials selling – customer bills – bills profit …)
  • private Calculator
  • Private service for the reminder of punctuality
  • Special phone guide














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