Front-Office Module:


– Internet (On-Line) Reservation + Auto-payment through Syrian Banks.

– System Cancellation by guaranteed period.

– Caters for all standard and customary reservation features.


– Instant Check-ins and Check-out for Individuals and Groups.

– Joint and Split Folios by – Currency – Room – and/or all extras.

– “On-Hold” Check-out.

– Loading Guest Deposit to relevant rooms.

– Built-in Registration Card with all relevant attached documents.

– Electronic Smart Card Door-lock interfacing and integration.


– On-Line Room Status.

– Timing follow-up.

– Lost & Found.

P.O.S (added value to the Front-Office):

– Multi-Revenue Work Station for – Restaurants – Bars- Laundry –Pool – Shops etc…

– Chart of ALL Open Tables.

– Outlets Reservation System.

– Fully detailed – by Items – Sales Report.

– Full PBX Interfacing.


– Front-Office Revenue and Statistics.

– P.O.S Revenue and Statistics.

– Financial reports.

– Hotel Revenue Summary.

– Cash Report (Details & Summary) for Local and Hard Currencies.

– Receivable Ageing report.

– Government Tax Report for Local and Hard Currencies.
(The System has been approved by the Syrian Ministry of Finance for all grades of Hotels)

Back-Office Module:

– Back-Office is founded on the last edition (2009) of the Uniform   System for the Lodging Industry.

– Standard Chart of Accounts includes.

– Profit & Loss and financial statements.

– Monthly Standard Journal Voucher for End-of-Month closing.

– Standard Reports include.

– Summary Profit & Loss.

– Profit & Loss for each department (all with standard percentages for use in analysis).

– Receivables connected with Balance Sheet.

– Payable connected with Balance Sheet.

– Monthly ageing report for receivables and payable.

– Inventory for all stores connected with the Balance Sheet.

– All kitchen recipes with their cost.

– Daily and Monthly Flash Cost.

– Full year Budget plus History and Actual-figures comparison for each selected period or as overall summary or by department.

– Flexibility to create any kind of report needed for operational use.

Additional aspect:

Accepts Importing and automatic loading of all relevant data from Beroea, as well as from Opera and other hotel systems.