When installing the program password be a empty, just press the enter button to start working.

Best backup types, the most important way to back up the entire data from one screen companies.

Yes, but you must purchase a license for each device on the network and there are special devices that operate on the network Rebates.

Yes, but you need to go to the inauguration of the program icon and compress the right of the button and select the properties page, and compatibility to change much to become compliant installation program with the XP operating system…

This problem is caused by the driver’s backup set is a virtual drive is ready Since the program performs backup every few minutes depending on the settings did not work to give this message and solution go to Settings – General Settings – drive backup and select an appropriate drive.

This problem is caused by either a virus that deletes files, or that the executive algoit folder that has been deleted or changed name or transferred to another drive.

This problem is caused by not giving the possibility of selling price change in the bill expires, and to resolve the problem must click on the list of services – users – the powers of the users screen and the granting of powers of the current user price adjustment .

We have three choices in the program can choose one of them from the Settings menu – Bill – the new cost price and choose either the last purchase price, and when you pick the item will be estimating the price of the goods according to the latest price of the goods purchased and can choose the same old price in this case will assess the goods by price who was present in the article card or can choose a centrist weighed quantities in this case will be assessing the value of the goods by the average price .

To gauge the program open the list of services – tables Help – Currency browser – choose the currency and then put pressure on the edit button and change the shape of the display as needed and if we are the most widely used is the fourth line.

  • Do a backup of an entire folder of data services – data protection – copy data folder full.
  • Copy the data folder from the path of the program, both on any disk on a computer as the data

From the settings menu – letterhead reports – and here we write all the data that we want.